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New Skin of Brickwork Around Existing in Ex Agricultural Building?

Posted: Thu Nov 22, 2018 10:41 am
by Craigo

We are in the process of turning an agricultural building into dwelling. It is of 225m solid wall construction in LBC Tudor reds. They aren't the nicest looking brick and we want to replace with something which looks much more traditional. I don't want to render it as it will look too modern for the look we are going for.

This leaves me with two options, new skin of brickwork around the entire perimeter, or clad with an external brick slip cladding system.

I've not yet priced up the cladding system but I assume it wont be cheap, and am a little concerned at only the 25 year guarantee / lifespan which these companies give (Eurobrick and the like.)

Does anyone have any advice / details on what is required with a new skin to an existing footing? I was thinking of building it say 25mm in front of the existing brickwork to allow a bit of room for margin. I have dug down and exposed the original footings and there is space to allow for this, however this will of course reduce the "toe" of the footing by approx 125mm.

As for tieing it into the existing, I'm sure there will be companies out there that specialise in ties for this method. - Perhaps not to dissimilar to Timber framed brickwork ties plugged and screwed.

Hoping someone may have done something similar before who maybe able to assist?