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Options to Rebuild 10ft x 6ft Rear Backyard Wall

Posted: Sun May 17, 2020 5:55 pm
by davidwh
I am a complete novice to DIY or even getting a qualified trader t do any work, so I don't get ripped off or possible over charged I would like some advice on my options and costs.The job in hand is a terraced house rear backyard wall which is starting to lean, possibly because damp has got into the pointing underneath the rendering and as you can see from the images (1-3) next doors side and image 4 my side it using need of repair. I have put out a number of quote requests for different options:
1...Rebuild the wall with original red brick (once the rendering has been removed.
2... Rebuild with concrete block either narrow solid / or the wider hollow one's.
3...Or use concrete fence panels and posts.
4... A rebuild to lower height ant top off with a wooden fence.
As I am a carer for an elderly relative cost is an important factor in this work so I would like to ask are these options a good choice or possibly another alternative