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Incorporating a water blade into a block planter

Posted: Wed Oct 14, 2020 11:51 am
by renfrew999
I hope someone can help because this is beyond me! I have almost finished building a large planter from concrete blocks and have one course still to add (4 in total). The planter is right angled with two large 'squares' at either end. Having looked at water features for the garden the popular choice was a 'water blade' incorporated into the side of one of the square ends. My issue is, I can't work out how to secure it/build round it. I don't want to attach it to the side but make it look as if the water is pouring out of the wall. If I attach it the the inside of the planter, with just a the spout coming out the wall, the spout is either not long enough, or would be open to soil from the planter, and if I sit it in the wall it doesn't seem to leave enough space to brick up and cover the front of the 'box'. I also can figure out how the blocks/bricks would sit above the blade without them collapsing into the spout. Can anyone direct me to any instructions/diagrams/videos that may shed some light on it?! Thanks