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How to best setup medial retaining wall on slope

Posted: Thu Mar 24, 2022 8:41 pm
by dougiewoo
Hi all
Great forum and hoping for a hand...
I have a slope as in my dodgy picture. I am building out a patio so a retaining wall surround, drainage, MOT etc etc. That bit I am fine with.
My question is, on the other side of the retaining wall running down the slope I will also be backfilling with soil to effectively terrace the garden.

Retaining wall will be made with hollow cement blocks that will have rebar and concrete filled.

My main issue is, what should I do with wall on the soil side (the left hand side of the top view)? Can I just load the soil in against the wall? Or should I be backfilling with some MOT and waterproof membrane/geo fabric?

Any insight appreciated!