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Would a Loft Conversion Company do This Type of Conversion?

Posted: Wed Jun 13, 2018 3:23 pm
by Agn2502
I am thinking of doing a conversion on a 1935 3 bed semi.. One of the with ones with the full vertical gable wall joining and the 3 others sloping sides... As the attached wall is the opposite side to existing staircase into these houses, the options available are to put in a couple of roof lights and a pulldown ladder... Only having it as a snug type room (could do all this other than roof windows myself) this would not add much value as not a bedroom?? But would create a usable room that satisfies building, staircase height rules and fire regs

Or have a side dormer put in and a stair case above existing staircase.. My question here is would a loft conversion company or a builder just put me the bare staircase and dormer, and roof window on one other roof side? I am capable and willing to do all the flooring, roof and floor insulation, plasterboarding and plastering, have a close electrician and plumber mates who will do heating and wiring. Just not that confident of taking a section on roof out and putting in the joinery of a dormer and it being water tight?

Think they would take a skeleton job like that on... And if so any ideas of cost.. In Yorkshire??

(dormer would only span 3 meters at a rough guess.. Staircase one that doubles back in itself into the dormer)