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Finally time to sort out the loft

Posted: Thu Sep 14, 2023 6:36 pm
by Lofty McloftFace
Hello I'd be grateful for guidance.
Now retired I want to sort out the loft on my three bed 1978 built semi. Currently it has the usual black sarking under the roof tiles, a redundant gas flue ridge vent (sealed) minimal insulation on 60% of the ceiling boards, a redundant and messy tank cradle and platform. Some holes in the sacking near the soil vent pipe near the eves, a few cracks and splits in the sarking. Loads of rubbish along with much wanted stuff. In the winter it rains in the loft, drips forming on the sarking and pooling in places below. There are currently no soffit vents which I intend to fit next week. When the soffits, barge boards and gutters were done back in 2010 I went for PVC over tanalised timbers, on top of these were fitted so called vents strips of black plastic. Part of the loft over our bedroom has much more insulation, orange coloured irritant stuff, I was advised to pull this away from the eves recently as it could be causing the damp. I've done that.

I'm now ready to sort things out, I'd like to get someone in to fit silver foil type insulation between the rafters over the sarking once it's been made sound. I understand this means I'm going into a 'warm roof' setup which I find attractive as I'd also like to board out onto the rafters to make storage easier and more secure.

Someone told me I might also need to insulate my gable end which faces north and possibly the party wall?

I did want to convert the old gas flue ridge vent into a ridge vent, does that work?

What happens to the old insulation?

And if anyone can offer some ball park costings I'd be very glad so I can see if there this will be feasible.

Many thanks, Mike