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Creating/Adding Your Questions

Posted: Mon May 14, 2012 4:18 pm
by TheDoctor4
Once you have registered and setup your account and then logged in you are then free to create your own topics and questions and also provide other users with answers

To create a new topic click on the following link: or on “FORUM INDEX” on the navigation bar at the top of the screen and scroll through the list of available forums until you find one that is related to the question you need to ask.

Once you have found the appropriate forum click on the forum name and then in the following window that opens, click on the “NEW TOPIC” button at the top of the forum (just below the title name of the forum).

In the following window complete the details of your question (be as full and descriptive as you can in order to provide other users with as much detail about your question as you can so that you can then receive the best possible answer in the minimum of time) and then click on submit.

It may also be useful to provide images if you have them in order for users to gain as much insight into your question as possible. You can do this by clicking on the “Upload Image” tab just below the area in which you have just entered the text of your question. For more information on how to do this see the “ How to Add Images to Posts” help topic within this welcome area

Once you have clicked on submit your question will then be posted to the forum.

Topic Titles

When it comes to writing a title for your new topic try and be as descriptive as possible. Titles should be written so that they describe your topic as well as possible so that any users browsing the forum can see straight away whether they can help you out or not.

An example of this could be "How can I Unscrew the Cap That is Covering the Internal Parts of my Bathroom Sink Hot Tap?"