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foreman or a site manager or anyone who knows help with building site regulations

Posted: Tue Feb 15, 2022 12:13 am
by Lawnmowers
I would like advice from a foreman or a site manager or anyone who knows on building site regulations.

The builders doing the work on the house directly across the narrow road from me have been using the drive outside the house to dump unwanted debris, long before it's removed. Their skips were always overflowing, and rubbish often flew off. Deliveries of sand and bricks and other building materials were also left in the mess.

A month ago, I found the windscreen and body of my car covered in very fine pitting and pin prick rust. The car is white and fairly new, with zero damage prior. Mechanics and Autoglass assessed the cause as the building debris.
The owner of the house accepted responsibility for my car's damage. Saying he paid for building insurance for situations like this. We agreed to wait with the repair until the work has finished, so the car would not be exposed to damage again.
This was a verbal agreement two weeks ago.

The work on the house is finished now.
Yesterday I messaged the owner asking how he wants to proceed with the repair.
He replied that the builders he employed denied liability, told him they did not do any work outside the house that could cause flying debris. I did see angle grinder used, unfortunately I have no proof. Nothing was left secured, sand and rubble uncovered.
He also tried to pass the buck, implied that another, far away building site caused the damage.

Would you, please, tell me about the regulations concerning the safety and correct keeping of the building site. It would be great if someone could give me a protocol violation code that I could quote to make them pay for the car damage.

Thanks for your help, Sarah.