Weatherproofing windows in garage conversion
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Weatherproofing windows in garage conversion

by Jshallis88 » Sun Aug 06, 2023 10:01 am


Our garage has been converted into a useable room, but we are getting damp/water ingress through what looks to me to be a badly installed window. There is an exposed wooden lintel, there is no sort of window sill, there is some suspect brickwork that is filled with wood and mortar and the edges of the window cavity are exposed (you can see the expanded foam in the gaps).

I am looking for a cost effective way of weather proofing this wall/window that will last 3-5 years until we can afford to have the whole garage (inc roof) replaced?

- Can a sill be installed after the window?
- Can is there a way to weatherproof the rest of the window? Can I install some upvc facia around the edge?
- how can I waterproof the wooden lintel?

My first thought had been to have the wall rendered but I don’t know if this is possible due to the dreadful state of the wall overall.

Any advice is appreciated (see image of wall)

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Re: Weatherproofing windows in garage conversion

by stoneyboy » Mon Aug 07, 2023 10:06 pm

Hi jshallis88,
Buy a length of upvc window board, cut to just wider than the area above the window and fit it so there is a drip edge. This should leave you with the boot off trim which you should be able to glue in place on the bottom of the frame. Seal the, sides of the window with silicone frame sealant.
You will never be completely weatherproof with the type of construction you have, it’s a matter of economics - don’t waste money on a render job.
Regards S

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