Western cedar slats - glue sealant
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Western cedar slats - glue sealant

by sams321 » Mon May 16, 2022 8:59 pm

Hi there,

I've just had some western cedar slats put up in the corner of the garden. They have been nailed to a wooden frame. They have only been up a couple weeks and I have started noticing some black staining coming out of the nails on to the wood.
I've read online this is likely due to the quality of the metal nails used and type of wood (which is obviously too late to do anything about).

I was wondering if I put some clear gorilla glue over the nails (which is waterproof/temperature proof and works for both wood and metal) it would create a seal and stop the metal stain running down the wood?

I've managed to experiment with 'barkeepers friend' cleaning product and can for now remove the initial black staining, but don't want to have to keep cleaning the fence every two weeks!

Any thoughts on the glue question or alternative solutions would be very appreciated.



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