what size header and spacings should I use?
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what size header and spacings should I use?

by arcon5 » Fri Jan 14, 2022 5:42 am

Just wondering what size header I should be using and what bolts and spacings for installing it.

The roof will be approx 10degrees spanning 3.1m and a width of 4.7m. The 4.7m header will be attached to a brick house wall and will be using 6x2 @ 400mm spacing attached to the header with hangers. So will attach the wall one side, will secure on to a timber ring beam on a conservatory the other side.
Deaf weight wise it will hold 6 ish sheets of HW Ply and either roofing sheets or shingles.

Thanks all.

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Re: what size header and spacings should I use?

by stoneyboy » Sat Jan 15, 2022 10:37 pm

Hi arcon5,
You may as well use the same size as your rafters - 6x2.
Bolt spacing will be dictated by brick spacing so bolt into every 2nd brick at about 450mm spacing.
Regards S

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