Wood Panelling Behind Plasterboard
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Wood Panelling Behind Plasterboard

by Krisde83 » Thu Sep 06, 2018 2:35 pm

Hello all first time posting on the forum and looking for some advice.

I moved into a new build December 2016 and starting to put pictures, clocks, mirrors and various items on to the walls. I have asked the builder for plans to know exactly what type of walls I am dealing with but they are reluctant to pass these on to me for some reason. I recently tried to use plasterboard anchors in the downstairs toilet and as I was drilling into the plaster I realised there is wood panelling behind the plaster. 15mm plaster with another 10mm wood panelling behind it. As I was drilling the 2nd hole i had to apply extra pressure to get through the wood and ending up nicking the hot water pipe to the sink.

Has anyone come across walls that are like this and will this be the same for every wall in my house?? I should also say house is 3 floors and not sure if maybe the wood paneling is for extra fire protection.

Also what type of fixings should I be using for the walls and how do I prevent nicking more pipes or cables in the future??

Any information, help or advice would be greatly appreciated.



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