13A Socket powered until anything is plugged in!
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13A Socket powered until anything is plugged in!

by dclsteve » Thu Feb 04, 2010 11:38 am

This is baffling. I have a 13A socket which I have traced back to a consumer unit and its wired in as a spur off, nothing else is connected to the line. At the socket end I have measured 240V AC, all looks good and the polarity is correct. But as soon as anything is plugged in I cannot measure any current and whatever is plugged in does not work. The line does not trip in the consumer unit, and I have changed the faceplate in case that was somehow faulty. I am baffled!
Thanks in advance to any helpful suggestions...

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by sparx » Thu Feb 04, 2010 10:07 pm

hi, sounds like a loose connection somewhere.
If it's a double socket what happens to the voltage on the unused socket when load applied?
If single socket, it can be checked by using extension lead and doing the same.
You say wired as a spur off? of what? Do you mean its a radial on its own fuse/mcb? check all connections. Particularly ensure screws done up on bare copper not via insulation.
If an mcb it could have an internal fault, if poss. try temp connecting into another one of similar rating.
All the above assumes you are aware of safety issues like isolating main switch during such work, and you have correct test equipment for voltage measurements, take care,

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