1940s dpc too low to external levels - tanking material to bridge dpc?
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1940s dpc too low to external levels - tanking material to bridge dpc?

by Scarparoo » Fri Jun 30, 2023 10:09 am

Good morning, I'm looking for advice on what to do for my situation. The render at dpc level is currently higher than the dpc and the solid brick wall exposed.
I want to repair this mess to make it asthetically pleasing. Existing ground level is same level as dpc. House was built with drainage too high exiting house so no scope to lower ground level. I had a new driveway installed which wraps round side of house where this issue is. I instructed contractor to leave a good 150mm gap which I planned to put slate chippings into for drainage, kind of a french drain. Before doing this I need to figure the best way to render up the exposed brick for protection and to look a bit better.

I'm thinking to install a new bell drip bead above dpc level say 100mm and use KA tanking slurry from 200mm below FFL up to the new bead across the old dpc. Would this be an acceptable solution? My theory being that water will be stopped from penetrating this exposed brick and any rising damp would be stopped be dpc and would not be able to pass externally through the tanking. I am just unsure of that joint where the 2 would meet. I'm not sure what the dpc is made off but its definitely not plastic and is quite brittle. Can't tell if its slate or bitumen.

Note I have no current damp issues that I can tell.

thanks for your time
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Re: 1940s dpc too low to external levels - tanking material to bridge dpc?

by stoneyboy » Fri Jun 30, 2023 9:42 pm

Hi scarparoo,
Yes fit a renderstop beading, then point up the exposed brickwork leaving it as a brick face so it can breath and get rid of moisture.
Regards S

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