2 way 2 gang switch problems! Help!
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2 way 2 gang switch problems! Help!

by beckyhay » Sat Nov 15, 2008 5:07 pm

In our house we have a switch in the hall which has 2 switches on it. 1 to switch on the landing light and one toot switch on the hall light. The other day this witch tripped the circuit so I thought I would buy a new switch anyway and replace it. Problem is I can't get it to work!

The wiring looks as follows:
L side has 1 red 1 black
R side has 1 red 1 black
The wiring has been earthed in the back plate
There is also a spare short piece of red wire is only 2 inches long and bare at each end... presumably this goes somewhere?where?

My switch is set up as follows:
L Top "L"
L Bottom L1 and L2
R Top "L"
R Botton L1 and L2

I can get the R side to work for the hall but the L side for the landing is proving difficult. As you can see from the picture there is a spare red wire... any clues?



by ericmark » Sun Nov 16, 2008 10:52 am

I will assume one switch is two way?
You will need to look at other switch of pair and place the wires in the switch your working on in same holes as in other switch of pair.
This should leave either L1 or L2 empty the red link wire goes in that hole and connect with red wire on other switch which can go in any hole in other switch.
The remaining wire with go in com of other switch if an L terminal is already used or L1 if com already used.
See http://www.ericpalmer.fsnet.co.uk/Image ... lanced.JPG for wiring diagram.
I am assuming two way as you say you have link wire. Also there is two methods of wiring a two way switch I am using most common.

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