3 port valve and 6 cores?
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3 port valve and 6 cores?

by jaffa19 » Sun Dec 07, 2008 8:20 pm

Got a bit of hassle with a Honeywell V4073A 3 port valve.
got wiring diagram from web as follows:

white- heating on
grey- hot water off
orange- boiler / pump live
blue - neutral
g/y - earth

sounds good so far however my 3 port valve is as follows:

red- switchlive from boiler
blue- neutral
g/y - earth
orange - to hot water stat (don't ask me why)
yellow- heating on
white- to hot water stat

I believe I have a Y plan system if thats any help?

I need someone with a bit more experience in the field, I am a sparks but kinda new so I would appreciate any help

more info is this.. I wanna disconnect the hot water from the controls and just run central heating and keep my hotwater from my immersion as gas prices are ridiculous. also trying to tidy up wiring as looks like someone from gamleys was playing doctors and nurses with the electrics.


by ericmark » Mon Dec 08, 2008 12:00 am

I know what you mean I also had a hard time the first one I did. See http://www.ericpalmer.fsnet.co.uk/Centr ... ating.html it may help.
What caught me out was the diagram shows one micro switch but in fact the one I stripped had 3 micro switches.
And yes the stat moves the valve which in turn powers the boiler.
I am sure gas is cheaper than electric my daughter made a mistake and turned down the temperature on the cylinder stat and as a result the electric cut in instead and the bill really went up. And I connected the hot water feed instead of cold water feed to dish washer and my combined bill went down.
Do note change over not on/off contacts on cylinder stat.

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