3 x split way CU
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3 x split way CU

by tidy_darts@yahoo.com » Sat Aug 15, 2009 12:10 am

Hi there.

I have been asked for my course to supply a wiring diagram for a 3 x split way CU.

1 way has no rcd with two circuits.
the other two ways have rcd's with various circuits.

I've trawled the net but cannot find what I'm looking for.

I understand how to wire up with just 2 x split but 3 ways is really confusing me.

can anyone help?


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by sparx » Sat Aug 15, 2009 1:19 pm

this is a type of board used to comply with latest regs, I have just looked at one I am about to fit & it has:
tails to top of main switch, left end of board with N out on left to short 2way bar at bottom of sw.
short 3way bus-bar from switch Line on RHS bottom for 2 Mcb/Rcbo's .

From M.Sw bottom terminals also come flex cables , that go into each RCBO looped into top terms of each.

From bottom of each comes a bus bar for mcb's plus a neutral flex cable to 2 seperate neutral term strips at top of board.
To sumerise you will have 3 live bars plus 3 neutral blocks all fed via the main switch.

hope this helps,regards Sparx

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