4 way switch for hall lights and separte switch for landing
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4 way switch for hall lights and separte switch for landing

by precious » Sat Jun 27, 2009 6:26 am

I was changing the light fixtures already installed in the ceiling.
These are several lights on a 4 way switch. I did not go near the electrical box or change anything in the light switches themselves.

When I was disconnecting the old fixture I notice that there 2 sets of wire feeding into it and one feeding out into the next light fixture... I thought this was odd but thought that the extra set of Black White and Copper wires were due to the lights being on a four-way switch. To my surprise when I turn on the switch now, I can turn on my porch light. This light fixture has it's own light switch right next to one of the hall light switches but was not controled by the hall light switches before (there are 3 switches to turn on and off light switches in hall) Now I seemed connected them all together.

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by kbrownie » Sat Jun 27, 2009 1:56 pm

What country do you live in? as your core colours don't match up with the normal UK colours.
It seems that you have mixed up your connections,
The cables should run in parallel so it will feed to next fixture.
I'll try to explain:
You have incoming LINE/LIVE and incoming NEUTRAL these offer power to light then you have out-going LINE/LIVE and neutral which feeds th next fitting in the circuit there should also be incoming and out-going CPC(earth)
In a typical arrangement all CPCs (green and yellow sleeve but sometimes left bare but should be sleeved) are connected together in earth terminal.
All LINE/LIVE conductors(red or brown sleeve) are terminated together in loop terminal.
The neutral (black or blue sleeve) is connected to neutral terminal of fitting and the switch live cable returning from switch (Normally black or blue in uk with red or brown tag on, to avoid confussion with neutral cable) goes to the LIVE terminal of fitting.
Then all should be okay.
Please note these are UK colours.

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