4 wires coming from ceiling rose
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4 wires coming from ceiling rose

Post by Goose2508 » Tue Sep 15, 2009 2:55 pm

I hope someone can help?
I am attempting to replace a plastic ceiling rose with a different light fitting. Initially I removed all cables and attempted to rewire the new light in a block connector matching the colours but this now I realise why didn't work.
I have four cables coming from the ceiling and the only thing I know is which is the switch live as it is blue with a small brown sleeve. Two of the earths have been sleeved in the same cover and there are two further earths. I have ditched the block connector and am trying to rewire onto a ceiling connector having 2 lives one of which I believe is where the new wiring goes and the live switch wire? There are 3 marked 'loop' and 3 neutral holes. One I know is where the new fitting is wired too also.
What I would like to know is how to wire the rest to get the single light working?
I have also noticed the power has gone from some wall sockets so presume the ring doesn't just have a lighting circuit on it.
I would appreciate some assistance.

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Post by kbrownie » Tue Sep 15, 2009 7:15 pm

Right all your earths should ideally by sleeved seperate.
You've identified your switch live so we have a good start.
So all earths to earth terminal on rose/fitting.
All your line conductors go in to loop in connector, if it's a newish installation your colour cores will be brown, if not likely to be red. (But you mentioned blue switch wire so I am assume new colours.) The loop in connector can either be the three terminals on the a rose if your using a rose or a seperate plastic connection block if using a differnt kind of light fitting (some light fitttings come with a spare for loop but some don't and you need to buy a strip)
Don't confuse live terminal with loop they are different.
Next step is your neutrals to neutral terminals blue if new, black if old.
The switch wire with brown sleeve not a neutral, this should now be your last wire and terminates at the live terminal block on rose/fitting.
That should do it, any complications or extra wires reply and describe.
PS isolate circuit before starting work, good luck!

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