9ft Arris Fencing Panel help needed
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9ft Arris Fencing Panel help needed

by IamAarron » Fri May 24, 2019 10:24 am

Hi all,

New to the site so be gentle.

Were a family on a shoestring budget and desperately needed fencing on one side. We managed to pick up some close board fencing that has been made using arris rails.

I'm aware that there are brackets I can use to secure to square fence posts instead of buying the more expensive notched posts but is a 9ft panel going to be okay with a post either end or do I need to add an additional post in the middle for support?

We got 6 x 9ft panels for £10 each and are like new (from a building site) just wondering about how to go about installing them now as it's our first time.

Thanks and feel free to ask anything I may have left out.

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