Advice for building large pergola in garden
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Advice for building large pergola in garden

by craigfarrall » Tue Jun 01, 2021 10:31 pm

Hi All,

I am looking for some advice for a novice DIY'er looking at adding a large pergola into my garden.

To give everyone a bit of context, I have a garden width of 1100cm and I am wanting to build a basic, modern pergola the full width of the garden, with as little posts in the middle as possible, that will support everything fully.

I have read up for a number of hours on some of the details of this, but had some specific questions that I am hoping everyone can help with.

- What would be the suggested post size, would 4x4 be enough, or would 6x6 be needed (I am planning on buying a 3m length and 0.5m would be concreted underground)?
- Based on the above sizes, how many posts do you think are needed. If we use 4x4 as the size, we would be looking at around 3.5m in between each post to have a total of four posts - is this too much, would I need to add more to this?
- Similar question to the width of the pergola too - I am hoping to make this 10ft (ish), would that work to have the two posts in each corner?

Hopefully the above makes sense, but let me know if you need anymore details. Any advice on the above, or in general to make this possible would be amazing.

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