Advice needed - Drive and Garden Wall Issues
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Advice needed - Drive and Garden Wall Issues

Post by arnie0011 » Sun Feb 09, 2020 3:51 pm

Hi all, really appreciate some feedback and advice:

We’ve someone came to relay a small patio, rebuild a small retaining and boundary wall last May. They are a local groundwork company and recommended by my colleague as they did a good job for him.

The job was done last May (12th to be precise) – all looking good afterwards and I fixed a few snagging issue (they used the Sika joint compound and I think they were a bit tight and didn’t used enough, as some of them sank into the slabs).

Fast forward to last week, our neighbour asked if I’ve seen our path and wall. Basically patches of the path came up, the chunks of mortar fell into neighbour drive, some of the mortar seems very sandy and I could lift one of the slab off the small steps. (see photos)

I’ve contacted the company and asked them to send someone out to have a look, they acknowledged my email and will get someone out. I’ve not heard anything back since.

• If the mortar is this sandy should I be worry the whole wall may not last?
• As you can see from the photo the path should be concrete colour, but it is much lighter and the top “skin” is coming off. What did they use??
• I’m going to chase the trader but if no reply then what should I do? Don’t think I can pay 10K plus to re do everything.
• If the company completely ignore us I will have to fix all the issues, the wall is relatively straight forward. What is the best way to fix the path?

Thank you in advance!
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