Advice needed for faulty water underfloor heating system
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Dylan Woods
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Advice needed for faulty water underfloor heating system

by Dylan Woods » Sat Nov 05, 2022 1:14 pm

Hello everyone and hope all well,

New to the forum and would be very grateful for any expert help.
I live in a small flat that has underfloor heating zones in living, bedroom and bathroom.

Unfortunately, the floor no longer heats up when I activate the bedroom and living room zones. However, oddly, the heated towel rail in the bathroom gets extremely hot, like all of the systems efforts are going to it.

I have attached some photographs showing the underfloor heating system set up. I have a valliant eco tec pro combi boiler, and the UFH system is by Heatmiser.

Each thermostat is correctly paired with the wireless receiver, however I did have an issue with some faulty batteries in each thermostat that required me to re-pair each thermostat to the receiver. This was quite a while ago and i couldn’t say if this is when the general system stopped working.

Any help would be hugely appreciated. Would be excellent if I could fix the issue myself although happy to get an expert in if required.

Many thanks.