Advice needed on council-style concrete and mesh fence
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Famous Spearman
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Advice needed on council-style concrete and mesh fence

Post by Famous Spearman » Sun Jun 27, 2021 12:06 pm


I am trying to attach a new timber fence to a council-style concrete/PVC mesh fence. Unfortunately I have been let down by tradesman and I am in a position where I may have to carry out the work myself. This has got me thinking about how it could be done. I have no experience, so my solution may be wrong.

What I am trying to figure out is how to secure the timber to the concrete and whether there is a way of doing this without drilling the concrete, as I fear the concrete could be cracked or damaged by further drilling.

An idea I have is to wedge 100mm. (w) timber battens between the concrete pillars, using tension to hold them in place. I would then bolt short battens vertically between the cross battens, to further secure them. I would also bolt a timber brace laterally across the other side of the timbers and pillars.

I would then bolt the fence panels to my side of the timber battens, and then brace this with another timber length.

This would hold the fence in place using natural tension forces. I believe that even if a vandal did kick at this to weaken it, I would always have the option of then bolting the brace on my side to the concrete pillars.

I mentioned this idea to a tradesman and he said that it wouldn't work because the wood could expand (and, I assume, also shrink). I assume this is due to temperature and moisture, but I would have thought that expansion/shrinkage will be perpendicular rather than longitudinal so would not greatly affect the contact points with the concrete pillars. I could also treat the wood to reduce/minimise moisture, and as stated above, I could also as a last resort bolt the brace to the pillars.

Does anybody have thoughts/comments on this?

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