Advice on how to update windows
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Advice on how to update windows

by Lentosh » Sat Feb 18, 2023 2:13 pm

Hi there, could anyone tell me how they would go about refreshing these windows?
The problems seem to be: a bit of the frame is missing (where can I get replacement and how do I cut it to the window?), there is visible draft excluder (what can I do about this?), there is paint crusted onto the frame (can I just scratch this off or will this hurt the frame?), the vents are old and some are broken open/closed, some handles are broken or don't sit against a bit of plastic to close tight.
Complete beginner, but on a tight budget and would love to learn how to do it myself. Can I go about this, or roughly how much would it be to get them looking nice if I called someone in?

Pictures here:

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