Advice on What to use for Shed Build Project
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Advice on What to use for Shed Build Project

Post by JLaffan » Sun Sep 16, 2018 2:13 pm


I'm debating building my own "shed" to replace to pathetically small plastic ones I currently have.

I'm far from a joiner but I'm a tradesman with most hand/power tools so I'm confident I can achieve my goal but I need help on what to use and maybe what to avoid. I've built stud work before but I'm struggling with what to clad the stud with...

My initial thought was OSB boards but then would they leak in water at the joints?

The shape is a slight issue too as it'll be fairly close to a wall on side and a boundary fence the other (I could temporarily remove fence panels).
2m one end to 1.5m the other and 4.5m in length.

The floor is solid so that isn't an issue for laying a base.

The roof is puzzling me, I'd prefer it to be flat but willing to attempt some sort of pitch if need be or have it higher on just the one side.

My idea was to build the side stud walls separately and fix the OSB to them before putting them in place with the fact that I can't get down at least one side to fix.

Rock wool or kingspan will be used within the cavity just because why not.

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.


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