Aqualisa 9.5kw Electric Quartz shower - ONLY GETTING COLD WATER?
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Aqualisa 9.5kw Electric Quartz shower - ONLY GETTING COLD WATER?

by everson » Wed Sep 27, 2023 1:24 pm

Hello All,

New to the forum so apologies if do any faux pas. But I have an Aqualisa Electric Quartz Shower 9.5kw (8 years old) and currently it is only giving out cold water regardless of where the temperature control is placed, the only difference is the more you move to the dial to the cold setting , you get more pressure.

Little back story, about a month ago it was struggling to turn on. You would press the on button and it would illuminate for a split second and then turn off. I replaced the front cover (with built in switch mother board) and that seem to resolve the problem, but now a month later this issue has arisen. Are they linked or is it just coincidence?

via Youtube I have checked the TCO and getting continuity and also checked the heating element and getting continuity. The trouble shooting manual states possible of "second stage thermal trip operated" can anyone tell me what this is?

thank you any help appreciated.

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