Architect Termination Advice and Charges
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Architect Termination Advice and Charges

by peter_987987 » Thu Aug 27, 2020 12:08 pm

We are starting our first ever home improvement project having bought our first house, single storey rear and side extension. We recently tendered for an architect, 3 came round to pitch and one, who was recommended, quoted by email including his fee and what that includes(survey and prepare plans to panning permission) . We ended up instructing the recommended architect we had not met via email, this was based on the recommendation and low price(first two lessons learned).

We agreed for him to arrive at a certain time via email to measure up and discuss the brief. He arrived 1.5 hours early meaning my wife was out and could not make it. He said he thought it was the agreed time. After a phone call with my wife, I agreed with her I'd go through the brief and relay the info to my wife (3rd lesson learnt) . He started by measuring up for about 15 mins and then stayed a further 45 mins to discuss the brief. There were a few red flags, e.g. being advised at the start of the brief we could not go out the intended 4 m, then at the end, after I explained I measured the semi detached neighbours at 3.5m, he said 4m should be fine and he had forgotten to factor in/measure the neighbors very visible extension.

I told him to hold off on any plans until I had relayed our meeting to our wife and discussed some options he had mentioned.

We emailed him the next day saying we no longer wish to proceed based on the above. He has invoiced us for the time spent measuring and taking the brief @ £150. That seems very expensive especially considering he didn't even turn up at the right time.

Is £150 reasonable for the hour he spent with us (I double checked it was just an hour on our ring doorbell) and does not turning up at the agreed time, meaning my wife was unable attend, breach the agreement at all?

We're obviously very wet round the ears and seem to have got off to a bad start. Any advice at all much appreciated?

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