Attaching Slates With Silicone When Re-Roofing
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Attaching Slates With Silicone When Re-Roofing

Post by Bedspring » Thu Dec 07, 2017 7:52 am

thank you for letting me use your forum.
In brief.
I wanted my roof re slating and felting.
Got 3 prices, all quite similar went with a reccomnedation.
Roof done, loads of broken slates and some tabs.
Complained to roofer, tabs and broken slates now gone.

Here is the rub. My wife sat across the road unbeknowns to the roofer, watching. And what they did was removed faulty slates, gunned silicone onto a replacement and slid it in, then pushed it down to make it stick.

Is this acceptable on a full re-slate and felt?

Regards Bedspring

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