Back to wall WC fitted but with gap
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Back to wall WC fitted but with gap

Post by custardpie » Fri Mar 24, 2023 8:57 am

gap close up.JPG
gap from above.JPG
I have had a back to wall WC fitted - but there is a gap between the wall - a wood panel - and the WC. such that liquid can go down it - is this acceptable? OK? should I be asking them to correct this before payment?
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Re: Back to wall WC fitted but with gap

Post by haringeysashwindows » Mon Mar 27, 2023 6:26 pm

poor finish - don't pay
Its not a massive job to resolve and it should fit properly
there must be an obstruction of some kind there because the process is pretty straight forward - push the toilet up against the wall, in your case as the wall is wood screw in - pulling it tight as you screw in.
Either there is an obstruction or a curve / lean in the wall

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