Bathroom Basin Taps - Hot Water Flow to Tap has Stopped
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Bathroom Basin Taps - Hot Water Flow to Tap has Stopped

by billobach181 » Sun Mar 22, 2015 8:31 pm

I installed a new bathroom some years ago and installed an Ideal Standard Single Lever Pillar Tap. Because the cold water side in off the Mains [3 Bar Pressure] and the Hot is off the Gravity HW System I installed a Check Valve in the HW supply line to avoid back flow from the Mains. This was recommended to me. Now a year later the HW flow to the tap has stopped probably due to the combination of the Check sticking and back pressure from the mains. The hot water tank water level is about 2M above the Tap.
My couple of questions are:-
1] Do I need the Check valve?
2] Is there a way of adjusting the tap to provide more HW Flow?
3] Are these Pillar taps good for Baths because from the very start my Bath Taps have very slow flow from both HW and Maisn supply?
Any suggestions

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