Beko fridge freezer problem - only 3 years old
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Beko fridge freezer problem - only 3 years old

by Shaz197 » Thu Jul 28, 2022 2:55 pm

Something odd happened with Beko fridge freezer. I've had it only 3 years. I closed the door a bit hard and it rocked a tiny bit. I heard an odd noise, it sounded a bit like something electrical shorting! A 'fffzzz' noise. And a small cloud of white smoke came up from behind the fridge freezer. I panicked at that point and thought it was on fire and switched it off at the mains and removed the plug.
But there was no sign of actual fire and no more 'smoke', it cleared after a few minutes although there was an odd smell in the kitchen for a few minutes. I didn't dare switch it on again, all the food's been used or binned.
So what happened? Any ideas?

I've taken photos but they're too big to post here.

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Re: Beko fridge freezer problem - only 3 years old

by ericmark » Sat Dec 31, 2022 1:22 pm

May be I shouldn't but I rely on my RCBO's to disconnect the supply should anything go wrong. My micro wave some times makes a noise, and I do wonder what is going on, and my RCBO is only type AC, modern ones are type A and can even have an AFDD built in.

We have over the years increased the protection on our supplies, we started with a fuse, then moved to MCB which is a duel unit, magnetic and thermal, and the magnet side with type B works at 3 - 5 times the amps of the thermal but disconnects in a fraction of a second, where the thermal bit can take some time.

Then we added RCD protection which looks for leakage to earth, then we combined the two devices called a RCBO, we realised that DC can stop the RCD working and high frequency can also have an effect, so we now have type AC, A, F, and B the latter only used with EV charging etc.

We also have a new device the AFDD which looks for arcing, and over voltage, often combined with the RCBO.

As to if the noise is anything to worry about does depend on the protection built into your house. Personally I would test with my insulation tester, but your not likely to have one of them, but in the main smoke means you need to repair of replace.

I tried to get my freezer re-gassed, and was quoted £60 to visit, and extra for parts used, so unless on an insurance policy looking at £100 to repair, and the little freezer I had only cost £100 new.

So at 3 years about half way through a cheap freezers life, so likely not worth repairing, but more expensive types, mine is an inverter drive freezer, costing around £800 and with 10 year warranty on motor and inverter, so mine would be worth repairing.

Mine also records the highest temperature after a power cut, until door is opened, and has fans inside so all food at same temperature no cooler or warmer spots, most frost free have that, frost free means you can also remove draws to get Christmas turkey in, non frost free even when draws removed, there are pipes between draws so no extra room.

The chest freezer is seldom frost free, but way door opens it does not loose the cool air in same way. So what to do really depends on the quality in the first place.

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