Best planer thicknesser for cupped/ warped boards
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Best planer thicknesser for cupped/ warped boards

by Lukeyr1 » Fri Jul 22, 2022 9:27 am

I have a lot of reclaimed scaffold boards, with slight cupping and warping that I want to flatten out on one side, to make into dining tables. Keeping the rustic look on the opposite side.

What would be the best machine to do this?

A portable bench thicknesser such as a Triton TPT125, DeWalt DW733, Makita 2012NB or Metabo DH330.

Or a Planer thicknesser: Scheppach HT850 or Clarke CPT600, CPT800 or CPT1000.

The boards will be cleaned up, with any grit or metal removed, before putting through a machine.

Budget is around £500 but can go up to £800 for the right machine if more suitable.

Those brands listed above are what I've been researching but if anyone has got any recommendations for a better model machine to look into further that would be great.


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