Brownish water on porcelain patio
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Brownish water on porcelain patio

by NBUK1994 » Sun Nov 05, 2023 3:07 pm


I have my porcelain patio done a few months ago. My house is situated on a slight slope area and the back garden slope toward my house. Everything was fine before but I recently found some yellowish/brownish water from side and back of the patio and accumulate on the low spot of the patio. Rain water used to drain quickly from the patio. But now it will be there for a day or 2 after rain stop. There is a gap at the retaining wall between the lawn and porcelain slab to catch water. I am not sure what the brownish/yellowish water is. It seems to come from the gap and also from the grout.

Could someone with knowledge to provide me some advice? And how to deal with it? Cover the gap with cement? Replace paving jointing compound to non porous type (mine is Sika Fastfix aka weather)?

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