Build up Footings Base for Garden Retaining Wall
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Build up Footings Base for Garden Retaining Wall

by DanJJJJJJ » Sun Sep 10, 2017 5:25 pm

Hi all, first post here :)

I have dug a trench to build a retaining wall in my garden that is being raised up to serve as a veg patch. It's on quite a slope, up about 4 foot over 4 metres.

I dug one of the downward sloping trenches level all the way through. I know realise this was stupid as I have been hacking away layers of chalk so I should have stepped it.

Anyway, is it OK to fill the trench back in, maybe halfway down, about a foot and half deep with soil / chalk, compress, and then poor footings onto this? There is currently a layer of sheer chalk.

Also, could anyone give any tips on providing drainage to the downward sloped end of the retaining wall? If I install those black semi-porous drainage pipes would I run them through the footings (encase in concrete) or through the retaining (brick) wall?

Sorry is that doesn't make sense - hope it does.

Thank you, Dan

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