Building a thin 5cm thick sound insulated wall
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Building a thin 5cm thick sound insulated wall

by CompleteDonkey » Tue May 19, 2020 12:09 pm

Hi all,

I'm wanting to build a thin (around 5cm thick) wall around the top of my landing to replace the banister.

I'll be building up directly off a joist around the same thickness, and the wall will run along the top of this joist. The wall cannot be too heavy as the load won't be distributed across multiple joists.
I was thinking of using acoustic plasterboard on one side, packing the wall with some dense DFM and then using a thin chipboard sheet (for weight reduction) on the side facing out. Then I'd have the plasterboard skimmed.

The length of the wall will be around 2.3m and the height will also be around 2.3m.

I'd be interested in any suggestions, I'm after as much noise reduction as possible but I need to keep the weight down.

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