Bumpy laminate with dips and high spots
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Bumpy laminate with dips and high spots

by Joe.joe.joe123 » Sun Feb 19, 2023 12:30 am


My laminate floor dips in places and is high in other places.


Does anyone know how to get a wood subfloor level prior to laying laminate?


1. The wood floorboards were all solidly nailed down. No creaking etc.

2. The problem areas are where the wood meets 3 concrete sections

3. Floor 2 is lower than floor 1. The concrete strip in between the 2 floors joins them and effectively ramps up to floor 1.

4. The other 2 sections of concrete are where chimneys used to be.

5. There is now 9mm ply over the whole floor except sections are cut out for the chimney sections which have been filled with screed up to the level of the 9mm ply


1. the laminate laid over the ply is bouncy over the ramped up concrete section as the ply has a void underneath it where it ramps up

2. The wood floor boards are warped where they meet the concrete chimney sections and so overboarding with 9mm ply just perpetuates/raises the problem without solving it.

Anyone got any possible solutions?

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