cabinet to hold 52kg oven
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cabinet to hold 52kg oven

Post by nik_c » Thu Dec 04, 2008 12:23 am


I want to make a cabinet to hold our 52kg heavy oven.

I want to use Pine boards on either site, screw the oven at the usual points into the sides of the boards as you usually would, and have it sit on a platform which will connect the 2 Pine boards.

Further, the 2 Pine boards would be fixed to the kitchen wall at the back and the ceiling (at 240cm).

Are Pine boards strong enough to carry the oven?
What thickness would they have to be?
Should I put in another platform between the boards? I am thinking of another one above the oven, so we can use that space for storage of plates, etc).

At the bottom the Pine boards would rest on the floor.


Nik C

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