Can I Fill This With a Large French Drain or Will it Cause Damp Issues?
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Can I Fill This With a Large French Drain or Will it Cause Damp Issues?

Post by Mr_pr » Thu Jul 05, 2018 9:34 pm

This trench used to be covered by decking, we knew it was there but had to remove the decking as it was rotted through. We would prefer to flag the remaining area rather than use decking again but this will clearly leave the trench in place.

First I am going to clear the current mess out, sort the rainwater drains out. (They had fully bodged the install of these drains, zip tied them to the decking...)


My thoughts were to do one of the following:

A. Fill the trench with a french drain and p-gravel, continue the retaining wall up to the house external wall to hold the p-gravel in. Flag right over the top up to the external house wall.

B. Build some sort of bench seating over the trench and leave it empty in the gap below but hidden from view.

C. Build a raised flower bed to hide the trench, similar to B.

D. Put decking back down and recover everything up.

I am also open to suggestions if anyone has any thoughts.

Pictures aren’t great angles, was concentrating more on the **** drainage to start with.

Image Image Image Image Image

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