Ceiling and Wall Crack Repair for Property Refurbishment
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Ceiling and Wall Crack Repair for Property Refurbishment

by DanH » Sat Feb 13, 2021 1:07 pm

Hi all.

Hope you’re keeping well.

I’m embarking upon a refurbishment project in April / May time and I’m trying to get some of the basics done to save a bit of money before the professionals come in!

Essentially I’m looking to redecorate upstairs and replace carpets and skirtings and remove coving (left clean) and redecorate.

I’ve removed carpets, coving and skirting and sanded the walls down where required and repaired some wall cracks. However, upon removing the coving I have unearthed some more I slightly cracks between the walls and boarded ceilings.

I’m therefore here to seek advice from those far more knowledgeable on the best way to repair this area so that the cracks don’t reappear (as I’m not replacing the coving).

I plan to have the ceilings skimmed over so this might hide some of the imperfection but I think I need to address the areas prior.

Thank you all in advance!

Images attached.

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Re: Ceiling and Wall Crack Repair for Property Refurbishment

by stoneyboy » Sat Feb 13, 2021 10:21 pm

Hi danh
Suggest you ask the contractor you get in to skim the ceilings. To be successful it may be necessary to apply scrim to the corners and blend the edge down the wall with a thin skim coat.
Regards S

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