Ceiling Joists Support Using Metal Angles
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Ceiling Joists Support Using Metal Angles

by Spike2468 » Sat May 04, 2019 1:05 pm


My Daughter has asked me to tell her what type of support she needs for some ceiling/floor joists that have been cut to put a stairs in a very old house she has purchased , the stairway was panelled in from ceiling to floor( TG flooring timber ) , but when they removed the wood panelling , they noticed that there was 3 beams that had been cut but no support for them apart from the panelling.

She has been told by a surveyor friend ! , to put some metal angle in , but she has no other info , I can't think what they mean , I just said to her , just cut back the 3 that have been cut to clear the side of the stairs( she has a accro in place at the moment ) and just use a joist to hang from each one that has not been cut and hang each cut one to that ! .

So I really want to know what he was on about with this metal angle thing to do the same thing ! .



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