Ceiling Light
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Ceiling Light

by bad2thebone » Tue Jun 02, 2009 9:41 pm

Hi All

Having a bit of trouble at the moment with my wifes brilliant idea of changing the lights in the hall was wondering if any chaps out there can help me to shut her up :0) for 5 minutes anyway.

We have 2 pendants in the hall with 2 2g switches either side to operate them. 1 of the switches near the front door operates no. 1 pendant and the other 1 operates the porch light outside. the other switch near the stairs operates no. 2 pendant and the landing light upstairs on floor 2 (3 storey house).

After a while of working on pendant 2 and finding the switch live, which wasnt marked tut tut! I was a spanner and ripped out the light without noticing configration of wires. right now the techy bit please bare with me:

operating on normal pendant terminals, decided to put up as was suppose to be easier to fit new light, i have 2 x Live 3 x Loop and 3 x neutral, the netural self explainantory 2 blacks in 2 and the light fitting (blue in the end) ok now the live bit, live from fitting in 1st terminal followed by switch live.in loop I have the live wire (joined with switch live same cable) in the loop with the 2 remaining live wires (seperate cable).

Near the end Dont worry, sorry its long. I rigged up the power and pendant 2 works ok as it should but pendant 1 is permantly on, switching the switches doesnt do anything. What am I missing? I have tried to alternate the 2 lives in loop but nothing same problem occurs, tried swapping over the switch live incase I got that wrong but pendant 2 stops working. I have checked switches and they seem fine, Any ideas??? hope you can understand my drivel.

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by kbrownie » Wed Jun 03, 2009 12:57 pm

You've confused yourself,
Step 1 all earths to earth terminal
Step 2 two black neutrals to neutral terminal blue side of light flex
Step 3 remaining black switch wire with tag/flag, to Live terminal brown flex side of light
Step 4 all reds to loop terminal on fitting.
Then happy days get the missus to get the kettle on or the tinnies out of fridge!

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