Ceiling light wires
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Ceiling light wires

by gally56 » Tue Mar 03, 2009 9:05 pm

Hi everyone hope soemone can help me with this problem I am having. Ok I am replaceing a bog standard ceiling light fixture when i pulled the old one away I saw 3 wires connected as thus.

i) 1 red wire connected to an area marked loop

ii) 1. Light blue wire connected to an area called neutral

iii) 1. Black wire connected to the earth section.

When I looked at my new hoist it showed a live section, a loop section and a neutral section and slightly away from these 3 sections which was single all be it a larger insulator screw earth setting.

So I connected my old wires coming out of the ceiling to the new hoist thus,

i) red wire to one of the 3 loops sockets

ii) light blue wire to one of the neutral sockets

iii) black wire to the earth.

Before I Switched the light on I called my mate who is an electrician and ran by what I did he said that the black would be the black wire that is connected to the light switch so it should be connected to one of the live sockets and he couldnt fathom why it was connected to the earth on the old fitting.

Ok so I tidied all the wires and fittings up and switched power back on flicked my switch and hey presto nothing!!!!

SO I then rewired the black wire back to the earth and still no light coming on .

What am I doing wrong people any ideas because I have checked all the wires and they are fully in and clamped down.

many thanks for all your replys

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by kbrownie » Wed Mar 04, 2009 9:14 pm

are sure there are no other cables in ceiling void?

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