Choosing the Right Pressure for Bath Filler/Shower Mixer
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Choosing the Right Pressure for Bath Filler/Shower Mixer

by mth » Tue Nov 26, 2019 1:37 pm


I just had a new shower system installedl (new bath filler with shower outlet, sky shower on an external rail and a handset).
Unfortunately, I didn't do my homework to match the mixer for our existing water pressure. As a result, the sky shower works, but just barely, the handpiece struggles to get any water out.

The warm/ cold water pressure in our flat is roughly 1bar, the thermostatic mixer I have installed is designed for 1-3bar.

I now want to replace the mixer with a low(er) pressure one, but I am not sure, how low I should go. Is 0.5bar enough? Should I go down to 0.1bar?

I would also like to understand what the tradeoff is. I guess a low pressure mixer creates pressure by squeezing less water through a narrower channel? Does that mean that you compromise water flow with pressure?

Advice is much appreciated!

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