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comet installers

by jaffa19 » Sat Mar 21, 2009 3:37 pm

Just a quick question for all the people in the know.
I've recently had a run in with Comet, they supply and fit all sorts of equipment, one of which has been a gas cooker to one of my customers who phoned me up before changing their cooker outlet plate and 13a unswitched socket outlet into metal clad fittings themselves. I was confused so I visited my customer. Here is what the Comet installer claimed must be done prior to him connecting the cooker as it is classed as unsafe;
"please change the electrics to metal and NOT PLASTIC."
I called the customer service line to ask why?
I was told the installer requested it because the heat from the back of the gas cooker could melt the moulded plastic outlets.
my questions are as follows:
1) how much heat is thrown out the vents at the back of these standard free standing cookers?
2) If the fittings are changed to metal, would the metal heat up the cable and reduce the Current carrying capacity and therefore increase the risk to the safety of the installation?

If my thoughts are correct and question 2 is applicable then it sounds to me that the installers who work for Comet should be made aware that their recommendations are incorrect and could lead to serious problems, especially in older properties.

just to add a point also. The cookers own electrical outlet plate is situated in the same location to where the apparently qualified installer claims the HOTSPOT is. Please also note that the area for the freestanding cooker has been tiled and the edges of the worktop is protected and a standard gap of 650mm for the cooker is provided and the gas pipe is >115mm away from the electrical outlets.

all your wise knowledge would be apprecieated before I make a written complaint to 'GAS SAFE'. or 'HSE' depending on the seriousness of the situation.

Steve the gas
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by Steve the gas » Sun Mar 22, 2009 6:34 am

Hi Jaffa,

I would say it's unnecessary and the fitter is being over- cautious.But in this day and age of risk assessment etc (common sense) who is gonna slate him for it - erring on the side of safety -- nobody. :shock:

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by kbrownie » Sun Mar 22, 2009 9:35 am

Hi jaffa19,
I am aware of no real strict regulations regarding this type of accessory for a freestanding equipment in this location. The isolation switch should be within 2 meters and no closer than 300mm to the side of the appliance, enviromental condition should be taken in to account regarding the out-let behind the cooker. It's really about good judgement and manufacturers instructions. If the manufacturers instruction request the socket out-let to be positioned in a certain way, this should be carried out.
May be worth reading through them.
Kind Regards

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