Composite door leaks under heavy rain and storms
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Composite door leaks under heavy rain and storms

by Fletcher7342 » Sat Oct 21, 2023 8:32 am

Hi there, Storm Babet rolled through yesterday and as the floors are up ready for refurbishing I noticed water ingress around my composite external door. (Probably been doing this every time it rains, hidden under the floor covering…)

All the drain holes are clear.

Water seems to be coming in either pushing through the brush threshold or even beneath the door frame(?) I’ve tested it this morning and when you open the door and add water to the frame. It ponds in a channel. Imagine the door frame with a central ridge. (Inside edge/lower channel/central ridge/lower channel/slope to drain holes in outside edge) It seems because of the ridge the water can’t pass over it to the drain holes on the outside edge easily so takes the path of least resistance and pushes through the brush on the inside edge. Seems a design floor to me. Any tips?
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Re: Composite door leaks under heavy rain and storms

by stoneyboy » Sun Oct 22, 2023 9:51 pm

Hi fletcher7342,
There should be drain holes in the innermost channel of the frame cill which go to the outer drain holes. The cill section is normally multiple chambers along its length and holes should have been made in the webs to line up with the outer drain holes.
If you drill holes in the inner channel you may be lucky that this will solve the problem.
Regards S

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