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Concrete Fence Posts

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I live in an area where they do not sell concrete fence posts and have never heard of them, however there is one bloke who has fenced his farm in them but has made them himself. He will not give, sell or help me with either allowing me to buy some off him or the mix he uses for the concrete! Please advise either:
Recipe for the concrete mix and which steel to reinforce with ie. Reo?
How to make the moulds from wood?
Some pictures or a web site I can have a look at what type you all use?
Our climate here is tropical so we don't have to worry about water in concrete freezing. Please help!

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Post by thedoctor » Tue Jun 05, 2007 7:32 am

Concreteing posts is a bit of a specialised job over here as we get so much rain and freezing conditions the mix has to be vibrated to such an extent there are no air bubbles at all in the finished product. The reason for this is in our freeze-thaw action project which you can visit by clicking on the link above your post. Small aggregate, usually 6mm pea shingle is required for the mix. Its mixed with sharp sand and cement at a ratio of 2 shingle 1 sand 1 cement and laid in a mould contaning (4 inch or 100mm post) 4 x 6mm mild steel reinforcing bars from top to bottom with a clearance of 30mm from the face of the mould to the bars both at the sides and top and bottom. The concrete is poured in and the table is vibrated rapidly for 2 or 3 minutes to remove the air. The moulds are removed after 2 days and the post is left to cure for 2 weeks.

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