Concrete Path between house and neighbour's garage
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Concrete Path between house and neighbour's garage

by WSA » Thu Feb 15, 2024 5:41 pm


I have inherited a complaint from my neighbour that damp is getting into her garage from my side pathway (installed after extension went up about 20 years ago) and in addition I can't use the path due to flooding after heavy rainfalls - please see photos below.

There is currently no drainage there and the concrete path and steps are in poor condition so the water pools in various places. Someone has tried to stop the damp against the garage wall by laying a triangle of concrete sloping to the path, but I feel that this is just absorbing water and making matters worse.

Maybe a linear drainage channel could be added, but it could only be routed to the back of the house and round the corner at right angles towards the gutter down pipe drain about 3 metres away by the kitchen door.. However, relaying the concrete path to slope towards the channel and the back of the house would need some precision. Perhaps some damp proof membrane would need to be added before re-laying the path?

The damp proof course on my house is quite high so the path, in theory, could be raised to the level of the bottom step aiding a slope for the linear channel.

Would paving slaps be cheaper than re-laying the concrete?

Has anyone got a simple solutions for putting this right, without me spending it costing thousands?

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Re: Concrete Path between house and neighbour's garage

by stoneyboy » Sat Feb 17, 2024 10:25 pm

Hi wsa,
Clearly your path is a lot higher than your neighbours land and this is possibly causing bridging of their garage DPC. You may be able to reduce the problem by cutting a channel all along the path on their side so their garage bricks above and below their DPC are open to the air. You can then deal with the path drainage as a separate issue.
Regards S

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