Concrete Post Movement Now Panel Won't Fit
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Concrete Post Movement Now Panel Won't Fit

by KarenS » Thu Aug 18, 2022 1:07 am

So I had a new fence installed with concrete posts 18months ago.
When we had high winds one of the panels came down, I put the fence panel back but the top of the fence wouldnt stay in place it kept falling out. I thought the fence panel may have been damaged so I ordered a new one. This had the same problem. On measuring the distance between the concrete posts it measure 180.6 at bottom and 181.6 at Top. Surely concrete posts shouldn’t move???
Should I go back to the people who installed?
I understand the fence panel will be wind damage but should the post move? Surely the post would have moved backward or forwards if wind damage not sideways.
Also on inspection some of the other panels look they are only in the concrete by about 2mm.

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Re: Concrete Post Movement Now Panel Won't Fit

by stoneyboy » Fri Aug 19, 2022 10:11 pm

Hi karens,
Your concrete posts will probably be set in postfix or something similar so whilst the post+postfix is a lump this may move in the surrounding soil.
Since you have a greater gap at the top of the fence panel it may be the whole fence has blown out of vertical.
You could try getting the installer back for remedial works but failing this, fit long tapered wedges down into the post channel and fix in place by screwing through the panel framing into the wedge.
Regards S

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