Confusion over fitting new metal Light Fitting
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Confusion over fitting new metal Light Fitting

Post by stratfordguide » Wed Dec 24, 2008 4:56 pm


Just after some advice to stop me burning my house down by fitting a new light unit.

I have bought a unit with the worlds worst instructions. They say you feed a cable through the insulation and connect the light up via a connector block with a live ; neutral and Earth in it.

I have taken down the existing light fitting (plastic one as new house so just a flex with a bulb on out of a standard ceiling rose).

Because of the design (you have to screw a metal plate directly onto the ceiling you cant fit this over the current ceiling rose.) I have looked at the current ceiling rose and it looks confusing.

After reading the guide on here it says that if you need to remove the ceiling rose you will need to replace it with a junction box. Wont this just cause the same issue in that the metal plate that holds the light still wont be able to be flush to the ceiling?

There are three cables feeding the ceiling rose that looks like it is the standard thing after reading the guide on here.

Am I missing the obvious?

I dont think I will give up my day job just yet.

I would really like the satisfaciton of doing this but I think I may look for an electrician in the new year :oops:

Has anyone encountered the same job and have any advice to share.

Thanks for your help

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Post by kbrownie » Wed Dec 24, 2008 7:38 pm

The cables from ceiling depending on the method they were installed is a a factor, we need to be made aware of this to help.
Most lighting circuits are now installed by the the loop in method,
this means you have a feed from the light fitting previous to the next one. until you come to your last light in that string.
Common cables old colours are 3 blacks9 neutral 3 reds line/live and 3 yellow/green banded earths.
All earths should be connected together at earth terminal block on fitting which should if metal have a contact from the block to metal case of light fitting.
Two of the neutrals one from previous light and the one to next light terminated at the blue side of block on fitting and the other black which is the live from switch (should have a red or brown tag on it) to brown side of connection block on light. All the reds are connected together on a seperate block ( these are lives from previous and next light and the other red is running to the switch)
I hope this helps.
If installation is new The black (neutral) cables are noe blue and the red (line/live) now brown.
If you search the projects on lights and switches I understand there are some diagrams that can help.
When you remove ceiling roses it is important that you remember to connect all the reds/browns together in a seperate insulated block not to block connecting the brown to the light that is for the switch wire.
Work safely and always isolate the circuit and make sure it is dead before you carry out any work.

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Post by sparx » Wed Dec 24, 2008 9:30 pm

Hi, these fittings always cause this kind of problem.
Answer is to connect the 3 browns that are in the centre 3 terms of the old rose to a connector block, then the 2 blues to the blue connector of the new fitting , the remaining core which should be brown or blue sleeved brown to the fittings brown connector plus earths of course to earth term..
fit mounting bar as central to hole in ceiling as poss. lay connectors around hole to allow fitting to be installed over bar, best of luck with getting screws started in holes in bar!!

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